Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Final Stages of KL Clan Tournament

Dear Readers,

As some of you may know KL Clan are hosting their very own VIP Tournament. Registration has now been permanently closed and the group draws will be held by {KL}EmoPig. Everything will be recorded to prevent accusations of unfairness.

The teams registered can be found here. After continuous controversial debates regarding {KL}Linux and his account linked with Raptor, he has been cleared by UAC Admins after Linux himself admitted his brother made an account for Raptor (which is against UAC's rules and regulations) without Linux himself knowing. More news regarding this topic can be found here. Linux is now allowed to participate in the tournament.

In more news, an Italian gamer known as "Gibson" tried to bypass the rules by making a new, clean UAC account. He was previously banned by UAC for cheating. His cheat account can be found here whilst his "clean" one can be found here. Gibson's team member known as "The_MaSk" denied accusations about Gibson cheating.

More news to follow very soon.