Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Odd UAC3 check in {TWT} recruitment process (UPDATED!)

Tuga Warriors Team ask every applicant to provide their UAC ID as part of the membership application topic. Good step indeed, but the way they control this rule is a bit amateurish. The following real-life situations witnessed on {TWT} forum illustrate it better:

Situation A:
Applicant provides his UAC name. But when you search for that name it does not exist (or belongs to a different person). In several cases the player was accepted with such non-existent account. Obviously, no check of information provided by applicant is done.

Situation B:
Applicant provides UAC name, the name exist but the account was never used or no screens were taken. Well, it's better than Situation A, but still useless. Same as having antivirus program and keeping it turned off.

Situation C:
Applicant does not provide any UAC name at all and in the very next post just 5 minutes later he is accepted as seen on the picture:
Although this article might seem as critics towards TWT clan, when compared with many other clans they are ahead as far as UAC check is concerned. Most 1.0 clans still require no UAC account at all. Yet, TWT's way to make this rule working is still long.

To help the clans, soon I will be preparing an article about basic things to focus on when checking someone on UAC3.

UPDATED 20.09.: {TWT} leader Emmeken proves she listens to critics. A while ago she made an improvement in recruitment regarding UAC check, which also applies to current members. Read more in TWT forum. GJ!