Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Week 37 CW results (10.9.-16.9.)

qRage beat nSiC 269:111 (Group B)
Big beat Tpa +101 (Group C)
Big beat LastMinute +53  (Group C)
LastMinute beat ICGT +109 (Group C)
LastMinute beat Tpa +96 (Group C)
Katane beat CM 200:100 (Group E)
blets beat shooT link (Group E)
blets beat LoVe 280:117 (Group E)

Current group tables can be found here. Unfortunately, some spicy discussions regarding no-show punishments took place, but tournament is going on.

|G3| beat {SWT}
{SWT} beat wtF^
ICGT^ beat {SWT}
SWT beat RUS1
2pRo4u beat {SWT}
FoX beat ||KOA||
wtF^ ??? FoX  (both clans reported the match as victory. Link1, Link2)


We are looking for a person interested in preparing weekly CW results report. In case there is a madman willing to do that, contact us :) Got a match to add from any SWAT4 version? Write it in comment.