Sunday, 16 September 2012

CJ vs Raptor - 5:6 (UAC watch)

Egyptian player CJ scored another point when he got caught on UAC as jjkl with radar clearly visible on screen, thus achieving a total of 5 UAC cheat accounts (jjkl, mero_123, a1430835, legend2001,  babygotowned). Unfortunately, that's still not enough to beat so "popular" Raptor with 6 such accounts (SoHRaptorSoH, rappy, badboy00007, naresh, sohhitman, SoHwindu). But CJ doesn't have to give up, he has already 5 more, not caught yet, accounts prepared (GuessWhat, warwarwarlol, youareowned, eslam_cj, doitifyoucan). Go, CJ, go!

Speaking of Raptor, shadow of his heroic past has reached ex-SoH Hitman, now playing for Kahuna Land. Since Hitman helped creating an UAC account for Raptor, UAC logs see the connection between these two players. Flamewar about this case was held not only in our Angerbox but also on UAC forum (which is sometimes not a good idea) and resulted in Hitman's ban on UAC. Also, he has to be removed from the upcoming KL tournament. However, things may change back, as UAC admin shii said he would try to find proof that the cheat account belongs to another person.

This can be a lesson for all UAC users:
- never create account for someone else
- never share your login information with anyone
- never use someone else's account on your PC

EXOGER, member of Suspects Heaven community was caught with radar too. Afterwards, he was expelled from the community.

Polish ex-CoB Largo got detected while playing on SoH server. According to his GameTracker profile, he is now using name maxim.

Usually we don't write about cheaters from Central and South America, who would feel like reading those tons of text. One exception is ||AT||Blackmamba, leader of Argentinian community Reportedly, he was pretty respected as a player with anti-cheat attitude. According to his own words, he got caught after he forgot deleting cheat files, that he had tried in order to proove those are not working on 1.1. Being it truth or not, it's one more lesson for all wanna-be testers: "do not play with fire".

Last interesting UAC catch was a DWMT co-leader Inside. He was having black screens in matches prior to the one when he got detected. Now I am only guessing, but maybe he thought that this will prevent his multihack form being detected. More about this catch and its consequences will be given in a separate article.

Apart from UAC catches, a Third Echelon cadet Anticop got caught with video proof. Shorty after that, he was kicked from the clan. Read full story here. His xfire profile says his nickname now is Masterchef.