Thursday, 13 September 2012

KL Tournament is up and ready!

In continuation to the previous article, the undecided options have now been certified. 

For starters, the deadline for team registration will be 23rd of September. This date has been carefully manipulated to allow members to submit a team before the group stages are decided.   The first match will be scheduled for 29th of September. 

The most favoured game mod was 1.0 however, the scheduled servers have yet to be set. Team members will now be able to submit 5 players and one back up. The tournament organisers have also allowed Clans and Mixed teams to participate, making the tournament more exciting. 

The on-going debate between RD or VIP has been settled, with the clear winner being VIP Mode. 

Since the tournament is meant to be fair and enjoyable, a set of rules have been set in which team members must agree to before they get accepted. 

More news will soon follow.