Tuesday, 18 September 2012

|DWMT| clan closed, JustFrags! takes its place

Busting of Don't waste my time clan co-leader Inside by UAC had hard impact on the whole clan. |DWMT| was closed soon after and it's website is no longer available. Despite of short history, the clan was quite successful on 1.0 VIP scene. 3rd place in the VIP league 2012 confirms that.

As you might already know, a new clan was formed with all ex-members of |DWMT|, naturally except for the sinner. Inside is reported to quit his SWAT career and his x-fire profile seems to confirm that, as he has not been online since then. The new clan was named Just Frags! and it's website is justfrags.xaa.pl.

Personally, I don't see much point in changing name of the clan instead of just kicking the cheater out. But it's up to them of course. Noteworthy is, that the new clan already replaced DWMT also in the upcoming KL VIP tournament.