Friday, 7 September 2012

UAC watch

Since last UACW article, there was again a number of caught cheaters:

vilelav - probably not known to you, he is mostly TSS player from Portugal. When caught with radar on screen, he was a member of TSS clan named UBP, but after being reported to the clan leader he was fired from the clan.

|KOS13|Horus - French player seen on 1.0 BS servers, mainly SWT where he was 3rd in GameTracker list. He was caught with radar and aimbot while playing on Suspects Heaven server.

Strumph and Manistra - Croatian players caught on HoP server with same IP, both trying the same cheat, I have no idea why the latter tried it after first of them was caught. Same story goes for TRENDSETTER, player from India.

budapest - little known 1.0 player. Interesting is, he was trying a so called SkyTech "cheat" as shown in video available on the Internet. The cheat file was nothing but a renamed harmless DLL present in clean S4 installations and used to make joke of cheat seekers. Pity it was bundled with an injector that got detected in this case.

xxx - co-leader of RUS1 clan had a multi-cheat - RADAR/WH/Aimbot/NRC. Although he tried pretending he had no idea what it was on UAC forum, he must had known very well about it. After he deleted the cheat file he used UAC on his other profile, this time without being detected.

Finally one non-UAC catch in a video made by player using name Me. in Angerbox (I think he does not wish to publish his usual name so I will respect it): 
Player |Fs|Mirko is using no-recoil and probably also radar or WH there. Fs site is down and this clan is neither a big fan of xfire, so any reaction towards this from their side is welcome.