Thursday, 2 January 2014

|WM| Awards for 2013

World Mafia's yearly award ceremony took place yesterday with many well-known names gaining recognition for the achievements in 2013. There were numerous different categories at the gala dinner event, below are the SWAT-based results:
  1. Most Useless player in SWAT 4 - "Cheater-hunter" |MYT|Mazso with almost 60% of the votes.
  2. Most Useless player in SWAT 4 for WM - French shooter Ash scooped this award.
  3. Most Valuable player in SWAT 4 - Our very own FoX|Mig earned this accolade.
  4. Most Valuable player in SWAT 4 for WM - This was a tie between German hitman RugiZugi and Polish veteran SabbatH with 5 votes each. 
  5. Most "Noobish" clan in SWAT 4 - Pro Gaming «|PG|» was crowned the winner of this category.
  6. Most Valuable clan in SWAT 4 - A tie between |MYT| for their ever-present active server in 1.1 and ||ESA|| who successfully organized the winter VIP tournament.
  7. Cheater of the Year in SWAT 4 - There were a few memorable self-busts this year but it seems the Photoshop drama helped StoneCold to be adjudged No.1.
  8. Troll of the Year - With just under 90% of the votes, Sonny unsurprisingly won the final award.