Saturday, 4 January 2014

Clan War Report (1st December - 1st January)

nRs| beat wtF| (218-198)
qR| beat nRs| (Score unknown)
wtF| beat nRs| (216-194)
nRs| beat qR| (217-180)
nRs| beat wtF| (3-1)
qR| beat nRs| (3-1)

Team_PGO|| beat wtF| (205-128)
Team_PGO|| beat «BBC» (38-30)
|ELite| beat Team_PGO|| (169-160)
Team_PGO|| beat |ELite| (As per Team_PGO||)
|ELite| beat Team_PGO|| (198-133)
Team_PGO|| beat DBZ> (228-167)
Team_PGO|| beat <|Animal|> (220-143)
Team_PGO|| beat MiX| (225-159)
Team_PGO|| beat MiX| (211-171)
MiX| beat Team_PGO|| (177-131)
Team_PGO|| beat MiX| (198-148)
Team_PGO|| beat MiX| (274-131)
wtFbeat  qR| (Won by 20)
wtFbeat vRs (Score unknown)
wtFbeat «|PG|» (Won by 7)
wtFbeat «|PG|» (Won by 27)
wtFbeat «|PG|» (Score unknown)
KoG|» beat |DKC| (83-14)
KoG|» beat DoK|» (Won by 250)
KoG|» beat »)x7(« (263-228)
KoG|» beat »)x7(« (Won by 74)

JF|| beat DoK|» (5-3)
JF|| beat KoG|» (7-1)
KoG|» drew ||ESA|| (2-2)
DoK|» beat KoG|» (4-0)

JF|| beat CF|» (7-1)
KoG|» drew ||ESA|| (4-4)
KoG|» beat ||ESA|| (Dropped)

Lucky Loser Match
SC| beat |MYT| (5-3)

Semi Finals
|WM| beat JF|| (3-2)
»Cartel« beat ||ESA|| (6-2)

3rd Place Mini Final
JF|| beat ||ESA|| (4-2)

|WM| beat »Cartel« (3-2)

Group table can be found here
Final standing can be found here

«pFF Tournament» (Link)
qR| beat nRs| (Won by 20)
|MYT| beat ^BBL^ (3-1)
wtF| beat pFF| (Won by 45)
|GSE| beat sSs| (192-169)
nRs| beat NoName| (201-181)
^BBL^ beat SoA|> (Score unknown)
minchia beat Tos (No show)
Team_PGO|| beat Tos (No show)
Team_PGO|| beat |GSE| (186-128)
qR| beat |MYT| (Won by 258)
pFF| beat sSs| (No show)
NoName| beat |MYT| (No show)
nRs| beat SoA|> ( No show)
qR| beat ^BBL^ ( No show)
Team_PGO|| beat sSs| (No show)
Team_PGO|| beat minchia (No show)
|GSE| beat minchia (221-195)

FRB beat thelastofus zombies (D.Q.)
Pussy|Lovers beat Interpol (455-132)
AST beat |MYT| (436-282)
Team Nade beat ||ESA|| (no show)

Again if I missed any wars, please pardon me and tell me so I can add them.