Sunday, 28 October 2012

UAC3 possibly ending in November

UAC3 donations are needed, otherwise this anti-cheat service, so essential for fair SWAT4 gamers will be stopped in November. Reason is, that current amount of donations cannot cover the server costs. This was announced on UAC website.

If you decide to donate, simply click on the icon on UAC website. You can donate using your PayPal account or payment card. If you don't have such account nor card, you can still ask some of your friends or parents to donate - every 1 € counts and I am sure 99% of players can afford this.
Advantages for donators:
  • donation status and icon in your profile. Let others now that you care about fair play!
  • no 15-seconds waiting time when joining a match
  • if your donation is high enough (currently more than 15 €), place in the TOP 25 donations page. 
Currently, there are 7 people from SWAT4 community among top donators - two of them being authors of this blog (smelling self-promotion?):
If you are about to say, that UAC3 is here for too long then keep in mind, that for us UAC4 is not needed that much, as the cheat detection rate is around 99% (excluding INI changes, which are caused by flaws in the game architecture). Don't let the cheaters overtake the game and help all with your 1 €.