Friday, 19 October 2012

Catherine stays in {SWT}, «|SoH|» looses a tourno player

Internal discussion in {SWT} related to one of high-rank members Catherine caught on UAC is now over. With 11 votes for kicking her and 15 to let her be in clan, she remains unpunished. Let's have a look at the following quotation taken from the interview with Sonia alias {SWT}LoveMonkey made for our blog 3 months ago:
Q: If one of your friends was caught on UAC, would you do what most seem to do and give them a second chance (with a clean second account)?
A: I wouldn't give second chance because I think that sends the wrong message, if you ban a cheater then you must ban all cheaters even if they are your friends because if you don't it will send the message of "We hate cheating and we ban cheaters but if it's a friend he gets 2nd chance" :/ doesn't sound right or fair to me.

I would ban but still be friends xD if he still wants be my friend after that's another story xD
The gap between that opinion and today's reality is huge. But first of all it is Catherine (or as she says her cousin) who placed Sonia in this unpleasant situation.

Last weeks are very poor regarding new UAC cheaters, most probably also due to GameSpy issues. The only busted guy was «|SoH|»Tyrek caught with radar file in his game directory. He was also on roster of «|SoH|» Team 1 in the current KL VIP tournament, so as the rules imply, he is not anymore. As the cheater claimed he was caught for ACM so let me repeat: ACM is not seen as cheat by UAC3 (though many share opinion it should be). Once again cheater was also a liar. Tyrek was first kicked from the clan but then he was given back his admin status. Later that day he was kicked and banned again (as seen in his website profile). What comes next?