Monday, 22 October 2012

JABSTA - Just Another BS Tourno Attempt

The family of currently "running" BS tournaments has a new child. Apart from highly donated and only Polish there is a new attempt at It is no secret that BS tournaments suffer from lack of interest shown by signed teams. Probably because BS players think how PRO they are and after first loss they simply run away.

So will this tournament be different? I will eat my sting grenade if it will. Looking at the website you can see the following:
  • need of registration to see forum content - always a very bad idea
  • stating non-existent UAC id in registration topic of organizers' team!
  • vague rules and information in general
  • terrible, but really terrible level of English shown by organisers. Quotation from rules illustrates what I mean. How many of the following rules do you understand?
- Resp obligatorily 3 sek
- 4X15 maps to choose from
- Uac obligatorily
- only 2 players for the recording
- bug games is coming off
- to championships we are arranging the forum or xfire
People behind this tournament are Uno, Urwis and Jeremih. I don't know them, maybe they will surprise with their organising skills. But from what I've seen by now I am far from believing that this tourno will even start.