Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Clan issues

As you may know, recently, |DWMT| closed due to internal-clan cheating issues. 

The founder of DWMT (who was caught by UAC for cheating) has managed to join a polish clan, DFX, under the name "IvE". When being asked whether or not he was in a clan previously, he said "no". 

In other news, |DVRS| Clan which was founded Olsen, has been shut down due to activity problems. DVRS was originally formed after Olsen and a few others rebelled against the leaders of WRS at the time and decided to make their own clan. Although Olsen was a leader of WRS, it seems there were some major disagreements which lead to separation.

However, Olsen is now a WRS member and it seems he is settling in well after the problems he had previously faced a couple of years ago.