Friday, 26 October 2012

Interview with Jax_51

Long time there has been no interview. Time to correct that. People from 1.0 might not know him very well, but on 1.1 he is a menace to all unfair players. Lads and gents, interview with Jax_51 (xfire: jax51):

1. You are probably the biggest catcher of cheaters in SWAT4 1.1 community. Xfire and YT are full of cheaters' videos with your "Jax 51 watermark". Do you know how many cheaters you have caught in your career?

563 so far, counting only SWAT 4. I started recording cheaters and uploading videos with my brother Neodiffer (Neod), and we did catch a lot, not only in S4. Every 100 cheaters we create a logo for it, check out our hundred videos. We play side by side, and it is easy: when one is distracting the cheater as enemy the other records him.

I started playing in Barricaded Suspect mode, which was full of cheaters. Then I started playing VIP Mode with Neod in different servers, where there were also many cheaters, but was easy to catch them together.

Catching that amount of cheaters makes you feel good and it’s great when people appreciates it, even  “World Mafia |WM|” gave me the “Most Valuable Player in SWAT4 non WM-member” award ( and Pwn’Star Clan named me in their clan song -second 27-, which I thanks (

2. Catching a cheater and preparing all the proofs is sometimes time-consuming. Don't you feel tired, spending so much time on someone with dynamic IP (or even range)? Or even worse, when such person is usually not punished enough?

I see it as an investment of time, cleaning the server where I like to play being able to have fun without any cheater around. Unfortunately, dynamic IP and proxy are really annoying, but most of the times, the cheater comes back with same or similar name, or if he rejoins soon with a similar IP, after checking that it’s him, he is punished again.

I could say that maybe I do lose some time, but it is when I’m checking every player in server. When I join a server that I want to play for a while, for example MYT Server (best VIP server nowadays), I use to check every player I don’t know, to see if he hacks or not, or if he is suspicious. It used to be faster with Neod using MYT DataBase, but then he left and now my dealer is |MYT|Torq.

I used different programs for editing and before it took longer, but now it’s half automatic because I’ve an autotext where I only have to write the cheater IP & Name and edit the video itself.

3. Would you be able to forgive your friend, who was caught cheating? Have you ever done that? Caught people usually come with a stories like "I downloaded the game and I didn't know it contained cheats" or "Someone send me this file and then I got caught by UAC". So are there any circumstances that might make you less strict about such situation?

Some people do forgive people cheating and I can’t understand that, but… not me, because I won’t be a cheater friend and, if then I discover that he cheats it’s like he has betrayed me, so: ban in sight.

After all these cheaters, I’ve learned that cheaters always say that they don’t cheat, or make up excuses, but for me if you cheat, you cheat. There is no way that you hack without knowing it, and, more at this year, I mean, if it was in 2005 when the game came out, could be different, but now… come on :)

4. You used to be a member of FPA (Fair Play Alliance dedicated to cheater and bad player reports, As you once told me, you had left because some FPA representatives were not judging busted players equally. Meaning that their friends remained unpunished even when caught cheating. What do you think about this initiative now? Does it makes sense or it has profaned itself with such attitudes?

For me there is a clear thing that can make admin forgive cheats: friendship. There are some examples:

The first example is ||ESA||BlackIntel (, who was forgiven because ||ESA||Benedictus, the clan leader, was friend with him and other admins. Of course, some servers with brain did ban him, but, those days you can see him still playing online without problems. In this case, FPA wasn’t created yet, but the video was showed to actual FPA leaders and they did nothing (especially SOG clan is unable to see cheat, even if it is an easy No Recoil hack with AK-47).

The second is ^jM^ (, who was caught using remote door, same as COOLman (, but they both can be seen playing without problems in servers. You can see in comments that everybody says that they cheat, also in FPA forum, but, when the leaders did realize that was friend of them, they get unbanned and nothing else to do about that.

For me, and most people, these are enough evidences of cheating, but as I said, friendship is a powerful factor that can get you not banned. That is the main reason for what I refused to keep being Friend Valued of FPA and I don’t post in their forum any other of my new cheaters. I keep showing MYT Clan my new catches, thats why maybe sometimes there are new topics in FPA Forum.

5. If I am right, you are not in any clan atm. Why is it so? Can you tell us more about your clan history and maybe plans related to joining a clan, if there are any?

I’m not in a clan because I don’t see the point. Why would I be a clan member if without being it I can play in “x” server and join their TeamSpeak as an actual member. No need. Anyway, since I’ve no clan, I did receive a lot of propositions of joining a clan from almost all VIP clans, some BS and others. That flatters me but I prefer to be good-friend with most of them.

I'll start by saying that I have no plans to join any clan, but you never know what will happen.
In 2006 I joined my first clan, which was a BS clan called “Clan CÂTT (CATT)”, where I did have a lot of fun, not only playing BS with other Spanish people, also training, playing CO-OP, new maps, mods, etc. Then I left it and I was clanless for a while.

After that, I joined “Elite Loyalist Faction {ELF}”, a VIP clan. I joined it with Neod, who came directly from ||ODG|| (they created ELF clan), and we were together playing for long time. That was a really nice period in SWAT, with a lot of matches and fun. In that time I recorded my SWAT 4 Python Owneage video (

While I was in that clan, I joined a Call Of Duty: World At War clan called “Don’t Do Drama |DDD|”, but I left it after a while because the game itself, the players (too easy to beat) and because I couldn’t play online without being banned by rookies admins because “cheating”. I also was in another Spanish clan, that I am still in but, not active member, called “ToRo”. It is a America’s Army clan, really great time I had there.

After a time, I created my own Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (COD 4) clan called “Compañía  Táctica de Combate _-CTC-_”, but later I closed the clan leaving it.

Afterwards almost 2 years I joined a Spanish clan called “Brigada Policial Antiterrorista |BPA|), where I did most play Call of Duty series and others. While I was in clan, I did record another video that I am proud of, COD 4 Sniper Unscoped (

I left it after a year and since 2 years, more or less, I am a lone wolf.

6. How do you see the future of SWAT4? Even before GameSpy went dead, your favourite 1.1 version was almost dead, with only 1-2 VIP servers being filled and some more BS servers running. Can you imagine moving to 1.0, where there are even more cheats available? Or without GameSpy SWAT4 is doomed to die fastly, as only players with connections to clans and thus also to alternative ways to join servers will remain active?

All I know, sadly, is that SWAT 4 will die soon or later. If the only way to keep playing the game is moving to 1.0 I can do it, even I used to play it for some time, so I am used to it. There are a lot of ways to block for example .45 ammo, so you won’t have to suffer about it and, yes there are more cheaters, but also are so obvious cheats like arresting your own team and with the correct admin it won’t be a problem moving to 1.0 and make it as good as it is in 1.1 version.
I suppose that some players will get lost, like the player that is in 1.0 only because he doesn’t know how to update the game to 1.1, but, that always happens and, as long as the community keep playing it there won’t be a funeral :D