Friday, 5 October 2012

Blog news - new author, new sponsor, new topic

First of all, I am very glad to announce that PimpMyGun joined our blogger team. When I asked him for the first time some time ago he refused, but I am really happy he changed his mind now. He will help us with CW update articles, which is a very time consuming job. But Pimp - as usual for him - is doing great. He started since 37th week and you can see an incredible boost in results number, including some matches by exotic Latin america clans. Unfortunately, he says he won't have time to do this for long, so enjoy every report he makes.

More authors are still welcome, I would like to have cca 5 people in team, some more active, some less. You know how to reach us. Especially nice would be someone interested in making interviews as I did not have time for this sort of thing yet.

One more clan  - Just Frags! was added to Sponsors page, after ActinD contacted us. Check it out and if you want to exchange logos too, follow his example. Down in Sponsors page is a link with more information on how to become a sponsor together with some S4N banners we would like you to use.

Lastly, we started a new regular topic - Game Hints. Some hints are more, some less known, so don't be disappointed when we publish something you might already know. So far two hint articles have been published, some more are coming soon. Then this topic will be given a separate link in blog menu so you can reach for previous hints more easily.