Thursday, 4 October 2012

Maanas finally busted!

Some of you might remember my troubles with an Indian player with IP 122.162.*.*. He was busted cheating on our FoX RD server and after he started using my nickname and other players' nicknames and tags to cheat with it and do other nasty things.

I got a report that it might be Maanas (xfire maanas29) but I had no proof until recently when I managed to match the IP with an UAC profile provided by this player for participation in KL VIP tournament. I decided to contact the person on xfire. I told him that I finally know he is behind all the mess and warned him, not to cheat nor identity steal again. Otherwise his name would be revealed and linked with his deeds. Then I deleted him from friendlist as I don't like seeing cheaters in it.

After that I was AFK for almost two weeks. Today, I saw a player with that IP range playing on REVHOSTING server. So I made this video of him:

To be absolutely sure it is Maaanas I asked my friend who had him in xfire list to check, what server is Maanas playing on. And result? Hit!

Our conversation after was short - I banned his range. He did not deny anything, he just said I am racist (if cheaters are a race, then I must agree).

Because Maanas is on IST roster for the KL tournament, I wonder what the reaction of their representatives will be. Also I expect him to continue with name steal so be vigilant about this IP range.

Update: soon after, Maanas connected to revhosting server again with my nick using proxy server. Well, I wish he enjoys playing with 300 ping :P