Tuesday, 30 October 2012

VIP 2.0 mod by |DoA|>MaPsTaR

|DoA|>MaPsTaR (xfire: mapstar87) created a VIP 2.0 mod running on 1.1 server named DoA Vip 2.0 (CTF), The following text will tell you more about it's idea and principles.

The Rules:
Both teams have a VIP, which has to be escorted to exit. Suspects' exit is near swat spawn. The VIP can only escape when the opponent's VIP is arrested. Arrest timer will stop when both VIPs are arrested.

Suspects' VIP is colored in red, Swat's Vip is colored in blue. The mod provides much more tactical options than you had in the normal VIP Mode. You have to rethink all old tactics you used and apply a new teamplay and strategy. Also it is good balanced.

Additional Info:
  • Spawnpoints and triggers remain the same. So you will see for example in Brewer County Courthouse that Suspect's and Swat's spawnpoint switched already with first respawn, as a vip (=the suspect's vip) is already on first floor.
  • The suspect's vip has handcuffs, what might be a little advantage for suspects.
  • The mod is of course completely server sided. You won't have to install/download anything.
  • Keep in mind that on public servers Rambo Vips could ruin the game for everyone. But such behaviour of vips also spoils the game in the common vip mode.
Note that at least four people must be connected to server to initialize VIP 2.0 mode. With less people, standard VIP mode is running.

Most of text taken from http://forum.mytteam.com/viewtopic.php?f=134&t=8526 with kind agreement of its author |FA|RIddIcK (xfire: sol1105).