Monday, 11 June 2012

Extreme Community opens SWAT4 grounds

eXtreme is a gaming social community the main goal of which is to unite as many people as possible all around the world, no matter what they do or what games they usually play. We take it seriously and do our best to provide a reliable playground for gaming and chilling out from all of your daily concerns. Thus, we invite people not to play under some leadership, but to connect to one social place.

Everyone can join to our community! We allow our members to play under own tags (eXc) in any game they want, no matter if you are already in a clan or part of some community. Even more, we provide fast growing servers database for the members, allowing them to experience new games more easily. This is our first step in supporting the SWAT4 community and we wish you would support us in exchange. As the initial move, Extreme will be sponsoring the general SWAT4 Tournament forums. Visit us @