Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Weekly Clan Wars update

We have been recommended to make weekly updates of all clan wars (friendly and serious) in 1.0. Information is taken directly from respective clans' websites.

Week 18 June-25 June

Barricaded Suspects
{SWT} beat «CoB»  
oFF| beat < RUS1 > 225-211
FoX| beat  «CoB»  222-137 
FoX| beat {SWT} 244-146
FoX| beat {SWT} 208-121

ViP Escort
{KL} beat «|US|» 10-2
«|PL|» beat «|SoH|» 9-7
< RUS1 > beat ||T3|| 10-2 

NOTE: Full latino wars have not been included. Feel free to add missed 1.0 war results in the comments.