Friday, 29 June 2012

BS 2v2 Overview

On 01.08.2012 a new SWAT 4 online Tournament is starting. It will be BS 2vs2 CUP on SWAT4 game version 1.1 with money prizes to win. Every participating player will have to use latest version of UAC software, and also will have to be able to play on servers with Antics installed.
SWAT 4 Tournament
We hope that every registered player will enjoy this event with no matter of score.

Are you interested in taking part in the upcoming BS 2v2 tournament? But struggling to find a partner? Visit and make a topic about yourself. Please note this is not a dating service!

SWAT 4 News will bring you regular updates of all the happenings from this latest tournament, after becoming a partner of the tournament site. Stay tuned.