Monday, 4 June 2012

Interview with KoN||MrElie

1 KoN has been running for over a month now. How do you intend to make sure it survives in the long-run (unlike the previous time)?

To be honest with you KoN might be a clan but for me it's more of a concept. I am very well aware of what everyone is saying regarding that Swat 4 is a dead game and not supported enough, this is why my concept was to create only a war team, a group of guys who have a minimum amount of skills, to play together in wars, using teamspeak, teamwork, etc.

2 Apart from ViP, which other game mode do you prefer if any (and why)?

I have played recently in BS and RD mode, but I think it's not the mode that really matters, but it's the rules of the server. Brief story: 2 days ago I was on FoX clan playing with CriS and some other SA's and we were in "Training" map, as suspects, when swat spawns we might nade, camp, kill etc. So today I was doing the same in another server and in 5 minutes people were crying and after that I was banned. So for me when you have poor admins, poor management, it makes little difference whether it's ViP, RD or BS.

3 The never-ending debate about which version is better - 1.0 or 1.1; what is your view on this?

Since I started swat I was involved with the 1.0 version. I did update to try see what's new and all, I love the rules, since you are free in doing whatever you find tactical in the game, just I had no friends there, and it was way more dead than 1.0. So I sticked to 1.0.

4 If one of your friends was caught on UAC, would you do what most seem to do and give them a second chance (with a clean second account)?

It never happened to me, but I cannot confirm if I will forgive or not, because VaLeRa was caught and he is in KoN now, I will keep a close eye on him and always watch him. I believe people might change.

5 You are of course well known for crashing servers and destroying clans. What makes you undertakes such activites? Do you think these acts really help the community?

When you are in a community where 90% of the players are complete kids/newbies, then you laugh at them. What irritates me most is when a 15 year old, just bans you because you say "n**b" or "f**k you", I am aware that what I'm doing is wrong, or maybe gives a bad idea about me, but anyone who is reading this article just think to yourself how many times you came and asked me to crash a server for you.. or flood an ip for you coz the guy made you angry. If you haven't asked me yet, believe me if I was your friend or you knew me you would've asked the same thing as well. A final word - Swat 4 to me is DEAD, so wake up people I wouldn't care if I crash this server, or hack the other. Whenever I see someone or a clan who is messing with me, I'll just show them that their admin powers means nothing to me. Thank you s4n for the lovely interview, I am aware that we have our differences, and everything, but I think your a good guy and wish you luck in everything...