Monday, 11 June 2012

Interview with |Fs|Dreadnought

1 Along with FAB and US, Fs is one of the longest-standing ViP clans in 1.0. How do you think it has achieved this longevity and how has the journey been personally for you?

A good foundation with good members is the clue. United, friendly and responsible members (in the majority) is what has kept Forgotten Soldiers alive. I've seen that many members changed in the course of years, and being able to keep good members is how we've managed. Since the day I joined Fs, curious to experience playing ViP mode, I changed my attitude a lot. I joined Fs as a recruit, not interested much in the more complex matters regarding clan, other than playing matches and being on server. But as months and years passed, I became more and more interested in the clan eventually becoming leader. In Fs I experienced many things for first time. For example, being admin, being leader, playing the number of wars I played, being on server and enjoying game with people that have now become my friends. So, for me, the experience has been amazing overall.

2 Apart from ViP, which other game mode do you prefer if any (and why)?

I like Rapid Deployment. I rarely play it but if I had chance I would really like to play it because, I like how is necessary to play as a team using tactics of high level. For someone like me that has played like lone wolf for many years in Barricaded Suspects servers, it is still hard to completely play with team but now ViP and RD are more interesting for me. 

3 The never-ending debate about which version is better - 1.0 or 1.1; what is your view on this?

Since 1.1 fixes some things, brings maps and what else, it's superior to 1.0 in that matter. Camping, no camping, it's two different worlds, different options, it mostly depends on clan, I understand however why people relate both with each version. There are good players in both 1.1 and 1.0, thought the amount of players is higher in the latter, so 1.0 is superior in such matter (that rhymes jaja). There was a proposal to move Fs from 1.0 to 1.1, and we took it seriously, but when I knew I couldn't change because my swat is pirate, I simply forgot about it. \_(ツ)_/

4 As a clan leader how do you avoid recruiting clan-jumpers who have the sole aim to obtain a high rank and admin power?

Currently we follow a voting system where in case the applicant is accepted he still must pass the Recruit stage. In the Recruit stage, only the Super Admins vote to promote to full member or not, this is kinda like a filter. However, it all stops there because we're not using ranks anymore. I consider the admin power a burdensome responsibility, not a reward, and based on this I am more strict with bad admins. But avoiding to recruit people with attitudes like you referred to is difficult, unless one has information about the player. Otherwise, the best is to know little by little about the player and do as I see fit.

5 If one of your friends was caught on UAC, would you do what most seem to do and give them a second chance (with a clean second account)?

Yes, I give second chances, I've even given one third chance for certain circumstances. The thing is that cheaters only fool themselves, they eventually get caught. I don't trust UAC to spot cheaters and send them to hell. I prefer to know the facts, talk with the member that is suspected of cheating and have a proof provided by another experienced member. I think people need to be a bit softer in this matter and think with own head instead of letting UAC think for them.

6 Finally, what is up with your web? Constant spam attacks and the tendency for it to go offline altogether, are you considering buying/making a new site?

Indeed, the spam, our moderators have to delete it almost everyday. In my opinion, it would be better to have a site hosted by free website builder, but since Bax choose to pay for a site with own domain, we can't send his effort to hell. It's not my decision either.