Monday, 18 June 2012

Interview with {EPIC}>Bluesman

1 EPIC clan have been running for over two years. Tell us about how it began, and your relations with FoX

First of all I wanna say thanks to the S4N staff for this interview, and my best wishes to keep the good job with this website. How did the EPIC adventure begin? As many things, from the end of another one. In 2010 I left my 1st beloved clan, TFE, and I joined with some other friends to NoobDude, specially in the Dream Team. But, for me, it was not like my real perception about being in a clan; and also... well Coert is a great person and a good buddy, but we are incompatible to stay in the same house. So, instead of screaming, I decided to just go away and say a big thanks to everyone. Then after some time I found those crazy Netherland guys, YellowPete and JackTheRipper (Roy and Tom); they created EPIC as a joke, but I saw in 'em the opportunity to create another little and friendly family as was TFE for me. I knew it was going to be hard work, but I was full of enthusiasm: I started calling my old friends from everywhere, and new cool friends joined... and today the dream is true :)

About FoX... well I just can say that without those guys probably today EPIC should be not what is today. They were the first who really considered us a real clan (and that's very important believe me). Also, the perverted passion of Spider for my graphic works allowed to us to have 2 servers at this time and our own website with a real domain. We are in debt with that bounce of gays? Probably, but everyday we reply with our friendship, trustness and loyalty to our friends ;)

Just one thing: Nobody can explain our perverted love for bananas. I don't remember exactly, but one day someone posted something funny about bananas, we started putting videos etc. on website... then I created the EPIC logo with a banana instead of the "I" and the monster was born. God Help Us.

2 Apart from RD, what other game mode do you prefer if any (and why)?

Everything. We are not scared to play versus people who play well in other game modes, and we like to make new friendships around the community. ViP, BS, we touched also sometimes TSS with S&G, and we play also other games as a community. We think that every new way to play is a new way to have fun and know cool people; as our motto says "...Doesn't Matter How You Play, As Long As It's The EPIC Way!".

3 The never-ending debate about which version is better; 1.0 or 1.1 - what is your view on this?

It's lame that the community is separated, but it's the truth and probably no one can do nothing about it. Problem is that the RD mode is mostly played on 1.0, and to fill servers we don't just need "tagged" guys, but also all those good players who are lonewolves that like to play on FoX and EPIC RD servers, and help everyday to fill them. But anyway, if necessary, we all are able to play on 1.1 servers, for example in case of CW / FW or tournaments. As I always said, SWAT4 has been released n 2 versions, 3 CD (1.0) and Gold Version with TSS included (1.1). Half people got the first, half got the second, so the problem can be identified in the game release.

4 As a clan leader how do you avoid recruiting clan-jumpers who have the sole aim to obtain a high rank and admin power?

Simple, using the holy "Golden Rule", which RedMarked and Franco taught me in TFE: If someone wanna join, before skills, before activity, before anything else he must be a friend, a good person who you can share your moments and your virtual life. This makes your clan little, but stable. And you can trust your mates. And by the way, yes I'm the clanleader, but every decision in our clan is made listening to everyone. I can just say that in the history of EPIC, we had only 2 cases of people who left the clan (except being unactive ofc) and one of those guys still posts on our forum and sometimes plays with us.

5 If one of your friends was caught on UAC, would you do what most seem to do and give them a second chance (with a clean second account)?

Well, as I told on point 4, we are more than a clan we are a little family. So, for one of us, cheating should not only mean disrespectful behavior over the other players, but also a total betray on his clanmates, destroying all the loyalty and trustfulness that makes us strong. If it happens (and I truly hope it never will happen) our way is Zero Tolerance. Of course, anyone can understand people make mistakes and change as a person, but this requires time, and anyway if you was in our clan with that nickname and that UAC profile, if we have to accept you back you should join again with same nick and same profile, accepting your responsibilities and let the people understand that you're a different kind of person.

It has happened in the past. 6 months after we founded EPIC, I contacted an old friend of mine. 6 months before, he passed a very bad personal moment and it reflected on his gaming discipline... he was found cheating, and practically kicked out from the SWAT community. Well, after 6 months he came back, asking nothing, just to be forgiven and be accepted again by players. We understood he had changed and we invited him to EPIC to let him have a new beginning and now, a year and a half later, he's one of my best clanmates/friend who I can count on. 

6 There is a new BS tournament coming soon, with a whopping 200+ euro prize. Will you be participating?

Of course! For a little clan as our one, participating in official events is really important, it makes us stronger and gives the opportunity to know other people. We did good in ViP 2012 tournament, not results-wise but with a good participation (and is really important for us after the fall of the RD 2011 tourney) without jumping any match. I'm also participating again with the staff giving my graphic works and my support. Yes, the prize is really tasty but seriously we don't care about the final result, because... winning, losing, doesn't matter how you play as long as it's the EPIC way!

P.S. We got a Belgian player, JOKER. I think everyone must respect our braveness to accept such kind of people.