Tuesday, 14 February 2012

More info on 'Premier League' idea

A few days ago the idea of a ViP 'Premier League' was brought up, and the feedback suggested that because it's a 1.0 rule based tournament, there would be problems within matches of regulating/officiating  the gameplay to match the strict rules in place. However, here at S4N we have come up with a unique format which could help make this projected tournament potentially successful.
  • The tournament would consist of 5 v 5, with possibly 1 each in view.
  • All matches would be played on a neutral server - with 1 solitary map.  This would be Brewer County Courthouse.
  • Since the aim is to imitate a football match, games will be short and snappy.
  • They would consist of 6 rounds. The 3 rounds a clan plays as Suspect will be considered the 'Home' match.
  • The 3 rounds a clan plays as SWAT will be considered the 'Away' match.
  • This is because of the basic principle that winning as SWAT in Courthouse is considered much more difficult (but certainly not impossible) than winning as Suspects - hence replicating the realism of a football match.
  • With rounds time set to 10 minutes, 6 rounds = a maximum of 1 hour match.  This is important for organization purposes because we have can set times for each match.
  • Since it is just 1 fixed map, all the vantage points, spawn areas and rest will be covered by the simple rule book which will be setup if the tournament goes ahead.
  • There will be a minimum of 1 referee assigned to each match; if they catch someone breaking the rules (e.g. waiting around) that player will be issued a warning (or, in football terms, a yellow card).
  • If the same person is caught again, that person will be forced into view and not allowed to play again with the rest of the 3 round cycle.  In football terms, they are issued the red card, sent off leaving their team a man down. That does not mean another player can step in, it becomes 4 v 5 for the rest of the round cycle.
  • The referee will be an experienced SWAT 4 player who should know his stuff. Therefore, any decision he makes will be well thought out and must be final. 
  • Any talk after of a biased ref or one that 'cost us the match' will not be tolerated. In such an event, you would get punished in football.
  • If any player is caught by UAC after the match, the game he/she played in (whether it be the home, away or both) will be forfeited and awarded automatically to the opposition, regardless of that respective person's contribution in the match.  
  • If a clan does not turn up for a match (or they all come together 20 mins late) then the match will be forfeited and the opposition would win by a 3-0 margin both H and A.
  • Since a typical football match averages 2-3 goals, the scorelines will be very realistic (either 0-0, 1-0, 0-1, 2-0, 0-2, 2-1, 1-2, 3-0, 0-3 scores can be achieved).
  • There are many tactics known in football when playing away from home, such as 'parking the bus' in order to avoid defeat. Such tactics can be implemented in this war as well, but time wasting (e.g. ViP running in circles in swat spawn so sus can't catch) is not allowed.
  • One specific day will be agreed where matches will be played each week, plus time slots (e.g. Saturday 7pm-8pm, 8pm-9pm two sets of matches each week, for x number of weeks)
A lot of stuff there - but when you read it again it's actually pretty simple. A minimum of 5 clans would be needed for this idea to bear fruit - then we can organise a server.  If your clan would be interested in taking part, please feel free to leave a note in the comments section (or via contact email listed on the right sidebar).  If feedback is positive, we can look into finding a server for use.

1.0 rules, in this tourney would = no spawn killing unless to cover ViP, no spawn camping/nading, no other forms of waiting unless to cover ViP.  Window shooting would be allowed.