Friday, 3 February 2012

STICKY: Write your own article in SWAT 4 News!

That's right - if you can successfully beat our fun quiz, you will get the chance to write your own SWAT 4 article, which will be posted live on the site. The article can be about anything you want (opinion, news, or just about yourself), so write your answers to the quiz to and the first one to get them all correct will be awarded this prize.  NOTE: These questions are not all easy. They require an in-depth knowledge of many of the 17 multiplayer maps.  Here they are:

1). Who is the director of plant security services at Enverstar? 

2). How much does it cost to get into the Model Sons gig at ABomb Nightclub?

3). What breakfast cereal does Lawrence Fairfax eat?

4). What does the number plate on the red van near the Foodwall restaurant say?

5). What is the name of horse number 7 in the Casino?

6). What is the purpose of 'Stiffs'?

BONUS: You can shotgun-breach a door that is open.  True or False?

Terms & Conditions:  The winner's article will not be posted if it in any way reads as a WUM, or contains abuse; either racially, on the basis of religion or directly at an individual. If no entry correctly answers all questions then the winner will be decided by the highest number of correct answers answered first. Any answers written in the comments section and/or shoutbox will be automatically deleted, and the user warned.  The winner will be notified by midnight 10/02/12, which is when the competition closes. Any entries after this time will not be counted, and the winner has up to 5 working days afterwards to write their article.