Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Unpunished Cheaters

We wrote some 7 months ago an article about how cheating means very little anymore; with many clans accepting cheaters, either oblivious of their history or in the view of "Let's give them a second chance." Below is a list of players who have all easily joined clans despite being caught, and continue to play freely on most servers. The 'I didn't know' excuse used by clan leaders these days is now no more credible:

Player Nick(s): SWAT_sk
Activity since being caught: This youngster has enjoyed a nice life, joining {|GA|} shortly after {BoS} closed and was then an admin in (MG) clan.

Player Nick(s): Assassin, WTH!, Hornet, E|ite, Candy, Raper, Skull, Vodka
Activity since being caught:  Arguably the greatest example of how blind modern clan leaders have been. Two cheater accounts, almost 20 clans in 18 months, yet this legend is likely to be your new clan mate tomorrow!

Player Nick(s): GLaDOS, XoX_Cz
Activity since being caught: It is currently unknown to us what this player is up to these days, but the memorable line 'if our bro GLaDOS cheat 1000 time he will still be in the house" means that he shouldn't find it too difficult to find a new clan if he tried.

Player Nick(s): Jameen
Activity since being caught:  Joined {|GA|}, since then it is unknown to us what the Indian player has been up to.

Player Nick(s): KinG, Buddy
Activity since being caught: The Turkish player came back recently as the leader of GHT clan.

Player Nick(s): PacMan
Activity since being caught: Has been rewarded for his cheating skills with elite admin power in T3 clan. Currently uses a third clean account likely not linked to old PC.

Player Nick(s): Runn3r, Hehe Kids, ReviveR
Activity since being caught: The Malaysian went into exile for a short while before joining {|GA|} and then also got re-accepted back into {SuR} when it restarted for the second time.

We have not included UAC cheaters who have remained in their respective clans after being caught. More community cheaters can be found at FoX|Mig's blog here.