Thursday, 30 August 2012

SoH twin is born

A new clan entitled Tuga Warriors Team has been recently opened with the server going live yesterday. It is lead by ex-SoH members and, although initial reaction leads you to think they might act differently to their old masters, their 1st day recruitment tells a different story. Ironically, the same cheater who was blindly recruited by SoH (that we wrote about just 5 days ago) has been accepted already into TWT. It seems SoH clan's twin is born.

Other cheaters already inside include Egyptian player mehmeh, who is an admin, while other ex-SoH members who have joined have been blocked from the SoH forums. With clan world-record holder Crotales also acting undercover, TWT has a very similar feel to FoH - a clan which died within 3 months.