Tuesday, 13 November 2012

TAKEDOWN - SWAT4 sequel?

You may have noticed already that SWAT4/Rainbow six type game is being under development. Game creators themselves are promising, that the game "will focus on realistic weapons modelling and squad-based play in a close-quarters battle setting". So though the game will not be called SWAT5, the aim of the game seems to be very alike. Game should include multiplayer modes as well - co-operative mod and competitive mod were mentioned, without further description. Community of players is involved in the process of development, so some problems we know from S4 will be hopefully avoided (especially disallowed content download and multiple versions). Some links you might be interested in following:

Promo video: kickstarter.com
Forum/blog: takedownthegame.com
Screenshots: linklink
Twitter: @takedownthegame
Facebook: SerellanLLC (development company)

Misson briefing video and map overview:

Release date? Second half of 2013. As there is no other similar game (with the potential to unite all of us S4 gamers in one game) on the horizon, we must hope that all developers' promises will be fulfilled and wait patiently until then.

Portions of article written by |WM|Nagi, taken from worldmafia.net/forum/topic/3523-takedown