Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Swatball mod (UPDATED)

Mod genius |ELITE|KENNY is known thanks to his SWAT dance video. But he also created two special mods for S4, one of them - Swat ball - is being introduced now.

As the name reveals, this has something to do with a ball. Basketball to be precise. The map this mod takes place on is a basketball ground with two huge baskets on each side and score counters for each team. Why are the baskets so huge? Simply because you are the ball. When a player comes under the basket he is thrown up and he should aim for the basket. But don't expect to earn points just for that. Before you do the jump, you must taze all players in the opponent team, only then you can run for the jump and score. The more players, the tougher it is to score. Wanna give it a try? Follow these instructions:
  1. Download from this link (70 MB)
  2. Install to your SWAT directory (so your "Swatball" folder is in the same directory as "Content folder"). Choose 1.0 version if you want to use the dedicated server from this article.
  3. Launch the mod by running SwatBall.bat in your "Swatball" folder.
  4. Click Join game and, choose Direct IP button and insert IP that can be found here (server is running only occasionally, look for the tab named "Basketball mod").
Mod is ideal for 2vs2 matches so it should not be a big problem to try it even in small number of players.

Today we had a session on this mod and those who missed it can pity that. Here is photo of our Globetrotters team with a crowd of hot fans ;)

From left to right at front: {SoE}PimpMyGun, ||T3||»Apophis, TR1GG3R.
From left to right at back: Melissa, Katniss, Pam, Stacy, Jess, Nicole, Eve, Lara
I was behind the cam to have better view of the girls ^^

And here, you can see us in action. NBA stars are pure amateurs when compared to us:
We also found that score boards do not work, maybe TR1GG3R will have a look at it. But on the other hand, there are toilets where you can have some rest. And most of all, there is a cool music in the radio - so don't you dare shooting it (like I did and server had to be restarted to fix it again).