Monday, 26 November 2012

Cheaters still active, UAC history check can help

Have you seen a tag "TooLow4U" recently? I saw two such players, one of them is a punk with xfire account "fck17". He was in K4E before and this Saturday he tried to join «|SoH|». You should know that he is a notorious cheater (link, link, link and he has some more). Thought he changes names often, you can easily recognize him after you kill him one or two times - he starts saying "aimbot" or "go UAC" but he himself refuses to go. It is probably too hard to understand for him that even with aimbot he sucks.

To avoid such people intruding into your clan, let me remind you that you can ask me or Pimp to check UAC history of your recruits/members. All we need is her/his UAC account provided in the application topic. Sometimes also IP address can be enough. This check is not working in 100%, but at least in some 90% it can give you usefull information to avoid accepting a cheater or multiclanner.

|SKY|EthaN is a different type of cheater, playing on House of Pain and Suspects Heaven servers mostly. There is a video made a half year ago by Jax_51 proving he was cheating with no-recoil. These days it is harder to say if he is cheating or not. Sometimes he is on UAC, but when I asked him to join he ignored it. Ignorance is in general his approach to any recall to his cheating. There was a discussion on HoP shoutbox about him and he did not bother to participate in it, though he is a member of SKY clan (=HoP). Would you trust such a person?