Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Space busted by x-fire screen, |»DFX«| admin by UAC

|»DFX«| clan was already mentioned on our blog when they recruited a cheater. Now their admin Johny (xfire: kacper1234567) was caught by UAC with multihack. This clan thus proved that they are among those Polish clans, who do not give a duck about cheating. Link to the sinner's UAC profile was send also to DFX website. For two days it remained unnoticed by any admin, but now the website is not available anymore. Is that the end of this lame clan?

Series of self-busting by x-fire screens continues. This time a lack of intelligence was fatal for another ||T3||» clan player - Space (xfire: albertux777, GT: chillypepperspace, UAC: 298361), recruited to the clan only recently. I was asked by another ||T3||» member to check him as he had some suspicion. Though at first I found nothing apart from the fact, that his sister Bunny described him as "a cheater, cheating everywhere". In the end finding a bullet-proof evidence was easier than expected :)

link to screen in profile (enjoy as it might be deleted soon. EDIT: deleted 15.11. by Space)

Naturally, this punk is now clan-less.