Sunday, 4 November 2012

UAC saved for now, new definition file for S4

UAC3 donations goal for September-November has been reached. I am proud that SWAT4 players contributed the most of the sum. Since we wrote the article on this blog, SWAT players donated over 100 € (not counting donations made by them before). Though I expected much more players donating small sums, in reality all this money was donated by only 5 people. Noteworthy could be, that the bigger/stronger the clan is, the less willing to donate its members are. Also some people claimed they would donate, but they are still taking their time.

Enough about this money thing. A new cheat definition file version 14 was released yesterday. Previous version was released over a half year ago. Let's wait if we see any new codes in cheaters' list.

Finally, though it's been mentioned widely, iShady (xfire: goldysoldier) was caught on UAC for the second time. After his première he was given a second chance. Critics of second chances must applause him now. After the second incident he left T3 clan without saying the reason but of course, very soon it was discovered. A bit funny is, that he was kicked also from Swat4 <<Vegetable Players>>.