Thursday, 8 November 2012

«GWLU» - new clan accepting also cheaters (UPDATED)

Not only Europan continent has its clan accepting cheaters, but also America - represented by a newly formed «GWLU» - Gamers Mundial Last Union. I am not saying all their players cheat, nevertheless the concentration of unfair players does not seem to be low there.

Proofs? Well, unusually high number of player with this tag banned by SMAC for no-recoil and long-arms. We all know SMAC has a significantly high level of false-positive detections, but check the SMAC banlist yourself (in the time of writing the article it contains names: JT, GearMaster, Sony, Fresne with this tag). Another proof? See UAC matchid "gwlu01", player with UAC name andres528 was caught with standard multicheat a year ago. Another user wearing the clantag on xfire - Kahm (xfire: gmal1992) is banned on UAC (link).

You can dispute that some of these proofs are weak or indirect. That's right. So let's see an x-fire screenshot made by a player using «GWLU»AzE:

I would be interested if he is really so stupid to make this SS or he simply does not care, if he is seen as a cheater or not.

GLWU also have their own server on 1.0 in VIP mode ( Will you pay it a visit?

UPDATED: based on info received from GWLU members in the comments I slightly changed the article name (originally it was "«GWLU» - new clan of cheaters").  Reason is, that they also posted link to their Facebook group which has 125 members. It would we wrong to assume, that most of them cheat or have cheated. Nevertheless, rest of the article remains valid in my eyes. Also note, that they are not a new clan but a union of players from other Latin America clans like FLS, FBI, ALS, SAM, ASM, etc.