Thursday, 1 November 2012

One-key admin login (and other console commands)

This hint article will focus on console commands and their binding on specific keys. Overview of most frequent console command can be found on this website. The most useful are stat fps, stat net, shot, setres (often SWAT starts with default resolution. This command helps you set it to correct one), sad (admin login) and say/teamsay (bind chat messages, font can be formatted).

There are also other commands not listed on the website like netspeed 10000. This is useful if you have unstable connection and your connection seen via stat net goes under this value. Your game then becomes laggy, with lower fps and this does not improve by itself. Some commands can be used for cheating, I am sure you know some but luckily, not all. We will keep it like that :)

Typing console commands manually in game would not please anyone. Fortunately, you have two options how to assign your unsued keys on keyboard to these commands, and thus do the desired action by a single key strike:
  • Beginners can use a small application made by UAC3 creator called Swat4 Colored Text Generator. You can assign only F1-F13 keys with this application, but it makes the whole activity including formatting text much easier
  • Advanced users might prefer direct edit of  User.ini file located in your Content\System folder. this allows mapping of more keys then the above mentioned utility. Also, you can adjust key bindings for all in-game keys (useful could be e.g. binding team camera change to mouse scrolling  wheel, because original binding to delete/insert keys is not very practical).

Some commands can be combined by separating them with pipe character "|". Pretty popular is for example binding texts to changing weapons or using handcuffs. Such binding looks like this:
H=TEAMSAY I am arresting, cover me|EquipSlot 11
However using these often results in two much spam from your side and other will probably happily ignore you.

Note that bind keys do not work before round is started. But during round you can for example log in as admin with let's say your L key, which has binded the appropriate string, i.e. sad mypassword.