Friday, 23 November 2012

Week 45, 46 CW results (5.- 18.11.2012)

Pimp decided to leave S4N, let me thank him this way for the help he provided. I will try making CW reports instead of him, but they will be much shorter. I will cover only VIP, RD, SG matches. BS matches will be ignored with the exception of tournaments.

This report contains clanwars from the previous two weeks due to a break last week.
<|SEAL|> vs JF||    4:3
JF|| vs {SWT}        8:0
JF|| vs {WRS}        6:2
JF|| vs DOK|»         8:4

KL VIP Tournament
No match played for over a month now. Two extra weeks provided for group matches were just a waste of time. However, quarter-final duels were drawn:
JF||         vs   IST|
«|PGÖ|» vs   |WM|
qRage    vs   <RUS1>
FoX|      vs   {KL}#1 

Some Latin american BS CW results can be found here.