Friday, 16 November 2012

American SWAT scene & comparison of rules

The following article was prepared by «CoB» ZyKeS >|GS|< (with a slight edit by blog staff). The part related to differences in rules applies probably only to CWs held by American clans. Here we go:

We know that swat 4 community everyday is getting smaller, it’s important to understand that not only people from Europe play this. American community is small but still active; most of the players are from South America (Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Chile, Ecuador) others are from Central America and from North America. SWAT 4 1.0 is almost full of players from America but there are some European clans too. Very common are “teams” formed by players from different clans. I want to tell you too that American players prefer to play in United States servers. Why? Because they are from different countries and ping is very similar only in US servers. European servers for American players have very high ping, about 180 – 250 (North American players got 140 ping or less).

We consider it important to inform about the following specifics in rules of BS mode between 1.1 and 1.0 versions:

Common rules for both versions
- No Cheats. - No Bugs on purpose. - No doubleswitch. - No glitch.

1.1 BS specific rules
- No Spawn kill and Spawn nading. Exceptions - Both teams Spawn close to each other, Player hiding in own Spawn area.
- The map has to be restarted after each round.
- All weapons allowed.
- Score matters to know who won.
- Two rounds per map, if it is a tie, play another map.

1.0 BS specific rules
- No spawn nading but Spawn kill is allowed. (Players used to play with spawn kill and nading but some months ago it changed). Still some clans ask before of the war if it going to be played with spawn nade.
- Camp is allowed.
- Not all weapons allowed. Some clans prefer to play only with fire guns, less Lethal and pepperball aren’t allowed.
- The map doesn’t have to be restarted after one round.
- Score doesn’t matter, we count rounds.
- Three rounds per map, the best of three rounds win (Just need 2 rounds to win)