Thursday, 27 December 2012

Mods and maps for SWAT4 (TSS)

Several SWAT4 mods have been released over the past years changing many aspects of the game, mainly realism, improving AI, gun sounds, adding whole new maps, guns and equipment, etc. Though they can be usually used also in competitive MP modes, it is more likely to enjoy them in CO-OP mode or single player. Let's have a short look at some of them. Each mod contains also a working link, where you can download it. Note that most of mods (unlike maps) require TSS expansion pack.

SAS mod - one of the newest mods, published in 2012. Unlike other mods, there is at least one dedicated server running in CO-OP mode (check the SAS 1.0 tab in Mark's server list here). I've even seen people playing there.

SSF mod 3.2 - The Sheriff's Special Forces, a complex mod with a 200 MB installation file.

HSME mod 2.0 - mod prepared by once best download site for SWAT4 and SWAT3 Occasionally, there is a server running in this mod too - check the Mark's server list linked above to see if you have luck to catch it online. I found also a version labeled 3.0 of this mod, strangely enough you cannot get it on HSM site but here.

Canadian Forces Direct Action - rather than a mod this is a complete remake of SWAT4, originally prepared for Canadian army's recruiting (and maybe also tac-training purposes). I found 3 versions of this mod: 1.0, 3.0 and 4.1. Unluckily, while installing I get a message that TSS is not on my computer (while it is). Mod shall contain large outdoor maps and scoped weaponry.

As a bonus, here are the best sites for SWAT4 (TSS) content - feel free to check them on your own:
  • - classic download site for SWAT3 and SWAT4. Many file links are broken, but still you can find enough interesting content after registration
  • - DSK clan website with huge archive of maps, mods, skins, tools
  • - popular MOD site for many games, including SWAT4 and TSS datadisc
  • - tens of multi-player maps (BS, RD, VIP, maybe S&G too)
  • - German web with many SP and MP maps and other S3 and S4 content
  • Desrat downloader - the application we already wrote about.
Happy exploring!