Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Mini RD tournament on new maps (UPDATED)

I've been thinking about organizing a little Rapid Deployment tournament. Its basic idea would be similar to a BS tournament organized by nRx clan early this year:

  • only one NEW map would be played
  • small number of teams, 3-6.
  • 4vs4+ (if both teams agree, also 3vs3 would be accepted)
  • short length of tournament, 1-2 weeks but max. 1 month.
UPDATE: as there are already at least 3 teams participating (JF, MG and FoX+mix) I created a forum on a well-known tournament site. It is still under construction but u can start checking it out. Registrations will be opened till Sunday or till 6 teams sign. More info at swat4tournament.forumotion.com. Also please vote for the map to be played here.