Thursday, 6 December 2012

Maanas caught by UAC, K4E exleader busted again

Remember the article showing Maanas with no-recoil? This guy, boasting with cheating while using names of other players (including mine), got caught also by UAC yesterday upon joining "suspectsheaven" matchid. He used the same account "new2swat" that he had registered for the IST team in the KL VIP tournament. Funny is that right after being caught he checked this blog if there is any info on this already. Well Maanas, sorry I let you wait for your next 15 minutes of shame.

Ex-leader of  |K4E|Kill4Enemy clan Paradox joined clan with similar tag - |K44| and changed his nickname to NeXuS. Shortly he was also in JP clan lead by another multicheater reported on this blog recently. It seems that every December Paradox is struck by inevitable urge to cheat. His previous catch was almost exactly a year ago with name dragio30009, last week he successfully added his current account Paradoxxx111 to the cheaters list.