Monday, 3 December 2012

UAC3 anticheat usage tips - Part 1/2

This article is the first part of a double article focusing on UAC3 anticheat usage. Note that its aim is not to replace UAC manual that can be found here. Rather it wants to give you some tips to avoid common mistakes I witness when other players try checking someone on UAC. Some boring theory to begin with:

Difference between UAC name, UAC ID, match ID
  • UAC name is a name chosen by a player during registration. In UAC3 it cannot be changed, in UAC4 it is promised to be modifiable. For example "Noob99".
  • UAC ID is a number assigned to your account by UAC player database during creation. One UAC name = one UAC ID. Example - "290105".
  • match ID is the string chosen by players before a match (e.g. "prosvsnoobs"). Technically, match ID is a number assigned to the chosen matchname by UAC match database. But because this match ID is not commonly used (only in match URL), when referring to match ID usually match name is in mind.
UAC name, UAC ID and also match name can be searched for using search form on UAC website.

Now let's say you ask a player to join matchid "test". He says he joined it, how can you check it?

Easiest way is by visiting UAC website. You can use the search form to find the agreed match name. But often people make mistakes when typing match names. In that case it's useful to click Matches and check the recent SWAT4 matches if there is not some similar match name (or check all recent matches if there is not the player you are interested in - it won't be more than 5 matches to check). Another way is turning on UAC app, writing the same matchid and clicking "refresh" (you don't need to join the match to see connected players). There should be written "Active" next to the player name you are interested in.

Did you find your match name and the player on it? Next steps will be a bit more interesting focusing on checks after the match. Read it here.