Sunday, 9 December 2012

MarkieBoy's in-game server fix without ACM

Today, MarkieBoy released a tutorial on how to add his in-game server list without the need to install also ACM mod. It is pretty easy - just copying one file and editing another. If you wish to use this server browser but you are not a fan of ACM mod (which contains also some features seen by hard-core SWAT players as cheats) check and follow this thread:

UPDATE: new ACM version 4 was released today which fixes some bugs in Mark's server browser. If you want to use it without ACM, get the latest file MMServerList.u here and follow the tutorial linked above. For version with ACM, go here.

 Bugs fixed:
  • sorting by ping is fixed
  • player nicknames should be working now
  • joining password protected servers joining through direct IP is fixed too