Wednesday, 5 December 2012

UAC3 anticheat usage tips - Part 2/2

Let's continue in UAC usage tips started here. Today it will focus on match review on UAC website. i am assuming that you found your match already and see something like this:
Remember, every icon has a tooltip describing its meaning, so only the most important are explained here. The screen above consists of 2 main sections:


A. List of players (upper section):

  • Player tag (if he set it in his profile) name with status icon and country flag
  • Date and time of first and last player activity on the given match ID
  • Number of scans
  • Cheat status of player's screens in the given match ID. For cheaters (on any match id), also a cheater icon is displayed.
  • Tools icons:
    • Player icon linking to his profile

    • Screenshot icon. Interesting only when blue square is displayed, which means that player made no screens at all on the given match
    • Session icons, possible icons are:
      • Player had only one session in this match (no UAC restart, all was OK)
      • Player had more sessions in this match (all of them were finished correctly)
      • At least one session of this player on the given match ID was interrupted unexpectedly (UAC process crashed or was kill by the player).

    Sessions detail
    None of these session icons is necessarily suspicious, but the latter two require further investigation. To do so, click on the icon to see session log of the player. You will see a list of something like this:
    Here you can see details of each session of the selected player in the current match - when it started and stopped, it it was stopped normally (blue icon) or killed (pink icon). Focus on time gaps between separate sessions. On a matchid used for public server game-play it is perfectly okay to have high gaps, meaning the player uses the same match id repeatedly when he plays on a certain server. But in a match created for a clan war this might mean that player was not using UAC all the time. Gap lasting couple of minutes is okay (game or UAC crashed), but lasting for a significant part of the match is probably not.


    B. List of scans (lower section):

    After the match make sure the player uploaded his screens. UAC detects cheats also without this upload, but the player can use one PC to run game and another to run UAC. Unless he uploads screens and you check they are taken from the expected game server such UAC check can be useless. You do this in this section where you can see list of all screens made by players in the match:
    • Player name with status icon and flag
    • Screen date and time
    • Scan result icon (clean/cheat)
    • Colour flag icon (indicates how many times a screen was flagged by users. Other colour than green is then inspected by UAC admins)
    • Tools:
      • link to open the screen in UAC application, providing it was uploaded
      • icon indicating that the screen was not uploaded properly (or if the match is older than cca 3 weeks that it was already deleted to save database space - in this case you cannot blame the player)
    So that's it. To sum it up focus on the following:
    • number of screens made by a player
    • his session log to see when he was/wasn't using UAC
    • if he uploaded screens or not