Wednesday, 19 December 2012

|WM| Awards conclusion

After two weeks of voting, World Mafia's coveted yearly award ceremony took place earlier today. Although there were 16 categories, below are the SWAT-based results:

  • Most Useless player in SWAT 4 - «|SoH|»Raptor with just under 30% of the votes. If you are wondering why, you maybe shouldn't be playing this game.
  • Most Useless player in SWAT 4 for |WM| - Nagi and Xavii shared the award.
  • Most Valuable player in SWAT 4{SoE}PimpMyGun, for another year of continued dedication towards SWAT 4 tournaments.
  • Most Valuable player in SWAT 4 for |WM| - Charfire was the overwhelming winner with 70% of the votes.
  • Biggest skill boost in SWAT 4 - Ex-KL recruit Kross won this accolade with over half of the overall voters nominating him.
  • Most "Noobish" clan in SWAT 4 - After the recent drama in the ongoing KL Tournament, Polska Grupa Operacyjna «|PGO|» overtook SoH in unsurprising circumstances to be crowned this year's "winner".
  • Most Valuable clan in SWAT 4  - Just Frags JF|| and Kahuna Land {KL} shared the award.
  • Cheater of the Year in SWAT 4 - Polish shooter Sonny won the final award.