Friday, 14 December 2012

|»DFX«| moves to 1.0, cheaters still inside

New Polish 1.0 clan emerged on the scene. New meaning having new name and old cheaters inside. Let's have a closer look. They are named {EsH} Elite Squad Hooligans. Cheaters in it come from |»DFX«| clan, which was its predecessor on 1.1. Now, looking for a new home they landed on 1.0 soil. {EsH}Czapa is no one else than |»DFX«|Johnny introduced on our blog recently. While playing on their BS server for a couple of rounds, I noticed {EsH}Angel having no-recoil. And now comes the funny part - I got banned because these two (plus some |URT|Malina) accused me of cheating. Their admin Wujek (also ex-DFX), joined server and banned me instantly. Apparently, he has high trust in cheaters though they killed his previous clan. For all fair players in this clan this should be a message on what team-mates they have.

UPDATE: another ESH player jasiek was caught by UAC during match against HAVOC team - link.