Monday, 16 January 2012

{|UF|} happy to keep MrElie despite latest hackings

{|UF|} manager Shadow today confirmed the clan would not kick MrElie, despite him hacking yet another clan server and site on the weekend.  Shadow said that Elie displayed good behavior in the clan server, and that was alone enough to keep him in the clan, regardless of "what he does in his private life".

This decision will likely bring uproar amongst the 1.0 community, and {|UF|}'s reputation is now hanging by a thread. Bulldog has left his role as SuR leader, in the wake of the security breaches of his clan. This is what the 1 man has done to the clan, but it seems {|UF|} does not really care.

Whether they are just saying all this to protect their own server from being DDoS attacked by Elie, we'll never know...