Tuesday, 17 January 2012

OPINION: Will Trigger ever release his impressive mod?

For all those who have played in House of Pain BS servers, you will see there is an awesome mod, made by TR1GG3R, which lets you do many things such as voting to kick players out, as well as changing game modes, maps, costumes and much more.  But the question is: will we ever see this mod in ViP or RD clan servers?

You could argue that both Trigger and MarkieBoy (both from the Netherlands) are amongst the most powerful people in the game.  Mark has developed a mod used by servers worldwide - even if his paid add-on SMAC is slightly buggy.  But the difference is that Trigger has never made his mod to go public.  Many, many people have asked him for details, and even offered to pay if he shared the mod with them.  But it seems he is reluctant to release, and even has his own bodyguards - if you post on HoP forum about it, you will get an immediate default answer: "the mod is not for sale or loan, bb".

It's frustrating because when you see the capabilities of this mod it seems incredible what added layer of protection it can give to admin-less servers.  Moreover, the ability to change little things for players and gain special weapons for kill-streaks tricks you into thinking the game is not even that old. For the sake of the community, I feel Trigger should release it; the combination of this mod and a reliable anti-cheat would make servers extremely hospitable.  Unfortunately, I doubt it will ever happen.

Posted by The Observer