Tuesday, 24 January 2012

OPINION: Why are some v1.1 players so arrogant?

First of all let me make it clear - I don't hate all v1.1 players - some of them are very nice and highly-skilled. But it seems lately many of them have joined the v1.0 world, simply because the amount of active players in 1p1 is very little now. It seems many of them can't help but insult v1.0 clans and players; if I had a dollar for every time someone said "v1.0 is so noob" I would be a millionaire.

They have a few fair points - in v1.1, you have less cheaters due to the fact that you can't use the "copy edited .inis, start game, paste back the originals" trick that you can do in 1.0. Moreover, you won't find as many 'fat 500 ping' players that you do find in this version. However, it frustrates me when you also see them slating our rules. They think that not being able to camp and not being able to spawnkill are "noobish" rules. Let me show you a video, constructed nicely by a US member a few days back:

YouTube Vid

Now tell me something - do you think the way he killed all those players would've been harder if he waited all the time, pressing c+q/e, as a typical 1.1 player would do, or would it have been harder to achieve it the way he actually shows in the video, i.e. moving all the time? Ofc its harder whilst moving, so why do they call it a 'naab' rule? Surely naab rules are ones which make killing easier, which would mean their "camp allow at all times" rule is actually the 'naab' one?

The same goes for spawnkill. Is it really that hard to stay in the opposition spawn, crouched and ready to kill them all when they respawn and are not moving? Let me just say this - there was a reason why none of the top v1.0 clans (excluding Fs) participated in the ViP tournament that was held last year. No coincidence either, that a 1.1 clan came and won it - the rules suited them to the ground. Now if someone was to organise a "no camp, nor spawnkill" rule based tournament, we would see who is really the greatest clan and war team.


Note: Am expecting a few "dont cry" msgs from |WM| and the like