Sunday, 15 January 2012


MrElie, the coveted hacker, has had his identity exposed.  He is in-fact a {|UF|} clan member, who's nick is Ninjato.  Elie today made threats to the SWAT 4 News team that he would destroy the site unless his demands were met - i.e. we posted what he wanted us to post.

Unfortunately for him, we are not p****s, and his reward for making threats is this exposing article of himself. He claims {|UF|} know who he is, but we seriously doubt that considering what he has done in the past, and maybe the xFire screenshot below will prove what sort of things he gets up to behind closed doors.

The sad thing is, it seems he is just an attention-seeking nerd, who is still deeply, deeply hurt about how his pathetic KoN clan died last year. We have beefed up our site security in general - our xFire, Chatango and Skype ID's are now all false so guys pls dont bother trying to contact us through these mediums: contact us via email instead.

xFire Proof: [Link is DOWN] (Zoom-in for clearer reading)

Cheers and stay sharp!
Swat 4 News Team

P.S. Good luck in hacking our site Elie - we'll have a chat with Google if matters get out of hand; they do own the site after all.