Friday, 13 January 2012

OPINION: The influx of indians - has it helped or destroyed the community?

We all know that there has been a recent surge of Indian players playing online in SWAT 4; they used to keep to themselves - there used to be a server (and still is) called Indian Server, where many of them would hang out and play (players outside of India would have pings of 500+ regardless of internet connection quality).  However, in the past year, things changed, and one of the more "popular" players from the country, vipmillionaire, joined Ultimate Force {|UF|}.  There, he experienced for the first time what it felt like to be in a real group of people who play and enjoy the game day-to-day.

Unfortunately, it seemed power got quickly to his head.  When S|A*, Swat AllStars clan was formed in July 2010, Scarecrow (as he is more formally known) asked he if could be a joint-leader, as he could bring in many players behind him.  The leaders of S|A* declined, but accepted him as a member and all his followers came to S|A*.  This clan quickly mounted 50 members within a month, and it was arguably largely down to the Crow himself.  Unfortunately, relations broke down in S|A* and "king parthiv" then formulated a new clan, Blood clan.  

It meant that S|A* died within a day, as all of his followers, just like a dog does to it's owner, followed him to Blood immediately.  Jackal, as he is now known, made some good tactical decisions as leader of Blood; for example, by requesting friendship to arguably the strongest clan in 1.0, FAB. But again, issues regarding power came to the fore and he left Blood, leaving his friend BosH in charge.  At the same time, another new clan, SuR, was created by Bulldog (no he's not Indian).  But, seeing as Blood was a sinking ship, a large proportion of the indian members left and joined SuR.

The cycle continues.  Since the creation of Special United Rangers, another new clan has been formed, called B4E Brothers 4 Ever.  Let's just say we would not be surprised if, at some point it seemed SuR was struggling, there would be another huge membership addition to B4E.  Just a vicious cycle of clan-jumpers going when the clan isn't going places.

Let's not be too harsh - you could argue the influx of indians has actually helped revive the community, as the number of players on Swat 4 multiplayer was on the decline.  But many of them have been proven to be mere clan-jumpers, and it is arguable that they have destroyed the community - we now have new clans forming every week and dieing the following month.

Posted by Observer