Monday, 16 January 2012

MrElie's clan kill death ratio increases; now {|UF|} is dead

Our sources tell us that Ultimate Force clan {|UF|} has been closed by leader Andy.  The clan, formed in 2009 after a breakup between Andy, Massey and US clan, has had it's clan server removed from the public list and we are told has officially died.

We at SWAT 4 News are not surprised too much; the decision taken by Shadow earlier on to "fully support" MrElie will go down undoubtedly as one of the worst tactical leadership decisions in the game's history. Rumours are rife that MrElie will create a secondary clan, named 'UFF' (i.e. Ultimate Force Forever)

It's incredible when you see this child destroy fairly new clans, but UF was an established clan, however even that means little as it also gets brought down.  You feel that if anyone continues with him into this new project he is planning, they will need their brain testing thoroughly.